Biotherm - ZINC BIOSOURCE Hydra-Mineral Cleanser Toning Mousse

This is a tender creamy cleanser that works into very fine lather upon contact with water, running into your pores to remove all impurities.  It allows a fresh and comfortable cleansing process as it could be rinsed off easily.  After use, skin is purified and balanced without any drying sensation.  In 7 days, skin radiates with a healthy glow.

Suitable for All normal / combination skin type

How to use
Dampen face with clear water.  Dispense gel into the palm of your hand and work into lather with water.  Massage gently onto face with circular strokes avoiding the eye area.  Rinse off with lukewarm water.  Can be used twice daily.

150ml:  S$28.90    (Retail Price:  S$42)

Pre-order only

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